The phytoterapy corresponds to the use of medicinal plants or any of its parts thereof, with the purpose of facilitate the healing process in the more physical segment of the vital disturbance.

Nature, among other functions, has the task of sustaining the life of different living beings, among which we inhabit.  It concentrates and channels the various forces of the 4 elements and of the kingdoms, that physically results in oxygen, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, which are indispensable to sustain our body and our conscience in this level.

House plant, fruit or flower of nature give us a vital force in their different vibratory fields, since the most densely to the more subtle, supporting the body in restoring health.

Flower therapy

Flower Bach therapy is defined as an area for complementary medicine whose purpose is restoring balance in the physical plane, emotionally and mentally, through vibrating principles contained in the flower essences.  This allows the alignment between feelings, thoughts, desires and actions, which brings the clarity of awareness for defining what are the difficulties that must overcome to restore harmony.

The founder of this therapy, Dr. Edward Bach, puts it in this way:

The disease is essentially a conflict between the soul and the personality and can never be eradicated, except through a mental and spiritual effort.  Therefore, the transcendental of this therapy lies in achieve defining the inner conflict and facilitate the same person to take again the original route. In this process, it uses its first medicine:   a mental and spiritual effort. In other words, the person will is essential to achieve resolve the causes of the disease.  The art of the therapist is to maintain the attention to the cause which originates the disturbance of the vital flow.  To sustain this process, flower essences constitute an extraordinary contribution since each essence provides an accurate vibration, which makes that

the person be linked again with the forces of Life, with the forces of Good, such as the faith, safety, certainty, hope, peace, serenity, among others.

Since every situation in life is approached from the point of view of the need of the person, there is no limit regarding the kind of problem that can find greater understanding and support with this therapy.  The duration of it depends on many factors and is completely individual


Homeopathic medicine is based on a millennial principle which says that every expression of life, from minerals, plants, animals and humans, are supported and supplied by the Vital force.

The founder of homeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hanneman, indicates the following regarding the Vital force:  in the state of health, the vital force that dynamically animates the material body, rules with unlimited power and retains all the parts of the organism in admirable, harmonious life operation, so much related to the sensations and functions, so that the spirit of reason that lives in us, can freely use these instruments alive and healthy for the higher purposes of our life.  Therefore, when one is healthy, freely uses all the heritage that the life provides permanently in every moment of its existence, where connecting vehicles are the thoughts, feelings and desires, link the consciousness with the purpose of life.  This generates harmony, happiness, joy, health.

As a result, the disease occurs when one, for any reason, has moved away from this state of harmony, for example, feeling emotions such as fear, rages, frustrations, or others or thinking of tormentors events or ideas.  As the material or physical body is an expression of the vital force, with this loss of harmony, the functioning of the body is altered in its entirety.  If such alteration is maintained for a long time, finally is expressed in physical changes which can be identify in a consultant with physical examination and laboratory, images, etc. and it is classified in diseases.


A homeopathic treatment is aimed to facilitate that person resets his state of inner harmony so he can identify and fulfill his purpose of life.  It is a therapeutic process in which the patient himself  produces the changes oriented towards harmony and understanding resulting in greater well-being.  Homeopathy is a facilitating energy medicine in this recovery process of health, which also allows the personality open new links that lead to a change in its altered patterns.


This medicine is used  for each life cycle, from the newborn to the last stage.  And, as it is focuses on the person recovering the state of harmony, there is no restriction regarding illness or pathology.  The duration of a treatment depends on the healing process of each individual and situation of life;  there are no guidelines regarding this preset.  Obviously, while less deep lies the alteration, shorter and easier the healing process will be.  As homeopathy works directly above the disharmonious structure, producing improvement at the level of the body that should be evaluated for making the necessary adjustments according to each phase of the healing process. Therefore, the homeopathic medicine must be used by persons who are authorized to perform diagnostics and control.

Currently in Chile, homeopathic medicine is recognized by the Ministry of Health, and their drugs are part of the ISP control.


There are few homeopathic doctors in Chile with this accreditation, as it is the case of our entire team of medical professionals.

Internal Contact

The inner contact is a mechanism that allows, from the series of physiological, mental and sentimental changes, that generates quiet way to concrete emotions, giving space to the creator fields of the individual, connecting with his true essence  and paving the way for the well-being and harmony.


When the work of inner contact follows a well define route, gets to generate the necessary changes in the conscience of the individual, to gradually expand the connection with their creative forces and modifying their emotional fields in definitive and deep way.


Homotoxicology is part of the biology medicine, a set of diagnostic techniques and

therapeutic interventions which are aimed to the prevention and treatment of diseases using resources that strengthen the self-healing tendency of the body. Accordingly, it seeks to activate our defenses of the body supporting natural healing.

Particularly, homotoxicology was developed on the basis of homeopathic medicine and applies concepts of it in the preparation of medicine and to evaluate the monitoring of the healing process.

However, its focus of understanding is based on alterations of tissues and immune system have been demonstrated in conventional scientific studies, attributing these changes to ingested toxins from the outside (exogenous) as also generated in the inside of the body (endogenous).

According to homotoxicology, disease is defined as an expression of defense mechanisms oriented biologically against the exogenous and endogenous homotoxins with the purpose of preserving life as long as possible.

It was founded in the 1940s by Dr. Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg, German pathologist and physician who also had studied homeopathy.  In 1955, he manages to summarize his tenets in its first fundamental text of homotoxicology.

In 1936 he founded HEEL laboratory that provides the necessary remedies for this medicine.  The name HEEL comes from the first letter of Herba Est Ex Luces, that means that the grass gets its strength from sunlight.  Currently, the laboratory has official distributors in 50 countries.  In Germany, one of its remedies (Traumeel), a homeopathic anti-inflamatory , was recognized for its approved effectiveness and forms part of the refund healthy system of several Isapres.