Our understanding of health

Health Concept

From the perspective of Life, Health is defined as a state of complete well-being, manifested in the alignment of feelings, thoughts and desires, which results in the expression of physical well-being, and from this totality, the relationship with family, environment and social environment.
In order to have it, it is necessary for the individual to be aware of the current and past elements that modified the free expression of Life, in order to be able to redirect it and  bring it in the line with its purposes, resulting in the expression of Health.
All physical conflict has an emotional component ingrained that usually begins to take place during gestation, and that, uncorrected, perpetuates during life, affecting the organs related to it.  Our professionals and therapists, are able to recognize this line, giving the opportunity to those who consult, to repair and return to their vital line, with the experimentation of Happiness.

Role of emotions

From the harmonious development of the primary bonds, the individual manages to give concrete form to his lines of sentimental (Love)) and Mental (Security), allowing him to relate in full harmony with the life he has to develop.  However, when one or both lines are altered to some degree that affects integration to the vital purpose, this alteration is assimilated as real, causing all subsequent learning processes to be marked by this absence.
These lines of thoughts, feelings and desires, altered by the integration of the different stages of Life, give form to the emotions.

It is important to understand that the emotional level in which we find ourselves, defines very specific vibratory patterns that come from our consciousness, and that are recognizable by all of us in our daily life, since they also have concrete changes on a physical level.  A good example of this is that we can easily recognize in a person when he is happy, angry or distressed, however, the physical disorders associated with specific emotions, called functional in classical medicine, are even more easily recognizable, since we often experience them, for example, economic worry in the form of headache or back, fear or insecurity at the colon level, and even colds after a major emotional event.

Inner Contact Role

Those who ask for our help, are usually in a search that transcends the reason for the consultation, here it is transcendental to expand the knowledge that each one has of himself. The inner contact is used in our Center, not only as a tool of meditation and relaxation, but also, as an efficient therapeutic method in the restoration of the altered channels mentioned above.
Here, the individual, through specific mechanisms associated with changes in respiratory, cardiovascular and cerebral physiology, manages to quiet their emotions, showing their thoughts, feelings and desires, and to the alignment of these, allowing him to take the precise paths of Integration to its evolutionary process, to solve that which afflicts it, refocusing its existence.

Primary links
The emotional fields that afflict those who make the decision to look for help have their origin in the earliest stages of the human being existence.  From the moment of conception, a gradual chain of integration begins, which will be led by both parents, to give space to the physical, mental, sentimental development and the channeling of desires, to achieve the harmonious connection in everything that composes its universe existential.
So, as each of the components of the family  and the environment that accompanies them, will have to contribute what is necessary for this development to be in line with the purposes of each human being, in their individual and group evolutionary chain.
We call primary links, specifically the masculine and feminine lines, maternal and paternal, which are responsible for sustaining the two great pillars of our Life:  Security and Love. It is from these two primary forces that we develop the great tools that will sustain our personality throughout its existence.  At the same time, any alteration of this integration will be the cause of a conflict that we will have to solve to continue our route, for which certain discordant emotions can be established, which will alter our growth line, pending resolution.

Role of the Complementary and Alternative Medicine

The impact on the use of the so-called Complementary and Alternative Medicines, responds to a growing concern of users to understand in a more concrete and global way what they are suffering.
The Center for Study and Therapeutic Research has its own methods of utilizing different areas of the Complementary Medicine, such as the Floral Therapy, Dr. Bach's system, Homeopathy, Homotoxicology and Phytotherapy.
The role of all of them is to support the individual's consciousness in the conduct of the therapeutic process, producing vibrational changes that modify the emotional fields, introducing the necessary adjustments to take the route of integration and well-being.


Health Restoration

The experiment of well-being, not only goes through an adequate management of the emotions, but also, it is necessary to develop the lines of integration to the Life that have remained without experiencing.  Therefore, the restoration of Health, requires the concrete movement of the will of the one who consults, to create the line of well-being that will bring clarity to resume its existential process.
From this approach, our therapists and professionals are trained with a unique therapeutic method, developed by the Research Area of ​​our Center, in which all the necessary elements are poured out to lead this integration process, using the wide range of resources with we count on, within allopathic medicine is not excluded.